The cell phones are the most essential device these days. But the fact is that the cell phones emit harmful radiations which can affect the human body especially the brain. What happens is that when there are weak signals, the cell phone uses more power output from the battery which in turn emits more harmful high frequency signals which can affect the brain and can lead to brain cancer and many other problems. Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) has said that “Specific Absorption Rate” is the only way to measure the quantity of radio frequency energy which gets absorbed by human body. And over this range the radio frequency is dangerous to human body mainly the brain. But at last a new technology has been invented which can remove the tension of brain cancer at all. This device is none other than the cell phone signal repeater or cell phone signal booster. The signal repeater amplifies or regenerates the poor signals. The installation of cell phone repeater is very simple and quick. After you install the device at your home, office, car or anywhere you want the problem of weak signals will be totally eliminated. This cell phone booster makes the signals up to 5 times more the signal frequency. This is how the cell phone signal repeater works and removes the fear of brain cancer. For iPhones, a specific booster is available that is iBooster. iBooster works as any other cell phone booster works but it is made only for iPhones, we have iBooster for lowest price.