Requirement of cell phone signal booster

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The main work of cell phone signal booster is to just receive the poor signals and retransmit them with better coverage to the destination point. As we know that because of excess development and growing of no. of cell phone producer companies, the rates of cell phones have fallen and so the connections. But still the number of towers is still the same as before. So the path for signals becomes too much crowded and causes mind boggling problems like dropping of calls with low signals. Cell phone signal amplifier is helpful here. They completely solve our problem and increase the signal strength up to 500%.



The requirement of cell phone reception boosters only arises where the walls of buildings are too thick or in basements. Even while travelling their need is felt.
iBooster are also used in cars and are connected between our cell phone and antenna with ease. Then cell phone repeater starts boosting the signals. A booster placed can cover an area up to 2500 square feet. It also enhances the applications using wireless functions like text messaging etc. these work effectively with PCS phones in range of 1900 MHz.