Function of cell phone repeater

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This article is going to give you some basic information about cell phone signal boosters. New devices keep on introduced in the market and the latest product becoming popular which is a successor in the series of boosters and is named Wi-Fi signal booster as it is strictly for offices and home where people spent a large amount of money on installing Wi-Fi service and are not happy by its service. This device completely overshadows the problem of low speed and connection breakage in the middle of data transaction or transfer. And this device is in the same price range of previous booster products and is as efficient as them also. In fact it is advanced to them and has larger coverage or range also. As we know cell phone signal amplifiers are of many types, some for homes, some for offices, and some for travelling and many other new products also. A basic booster for fixed places like homes has two basic parts- antenna and base unit. Antenna of the cell phone repeater is to be place don the top of your apartment and ahs to be connected with the base unit via a co-axial wire and the base unit is kept inside the apartment. As soon as the booster is switched on, it starts functioning efficiently.