zBoost YX545 SOHO Dual-Band Cell Phone Amplifier for Home and Office Review

You can say that I am one of those who are diehard fan of cell phone booster technology, especially zBoost YX545 SOHO Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office. Best thing I loved about this booster is that it did what I needed at my home and as well as office. What I felt after installing YX545 is that it have improved the signal reception in my area to almost highest level. I usually used to get 2 bars signal strength at my work place but after installing this booster my phone use to show full bars and I have never faced drops calls problem due to no network problem at my place.zboost-soho-yx545-kit

One thing to be kept in mind while installing this cell phone booster is that installation of its base station which have to be done carefully so that it will give you maximum result. You should keep in mind that base station should be separated from external antenna as much as possible and the reason behind this is that both of them works of same kind of frequencies and if they are closer to each other then zBoost will detect feedback and it will stop working at same time.

Coming to details of my problem – my problem was  that I live in area with only 1-2 bar signal strength. Reason behind this was that signal tower is too far from my home and the week signal used to get more weaker duet to very thick and hard cemented walls of my home. My luck worked that I used to get atleast 2 bars signal at my place.

When I first heard about a cell phone booster then I was not believing it and I avoided but later I got to know good things about booster from few people and then I researched about it on internet. My greatest help came in form of http://cellphoneboosterstore.com/ , this site provided full specification and reviews of zBoost and then I decided to get one for me. I ordered it from www.cellphoneboosterstore.com only and I got it within 2 days of delivery time, it was awesome experience shopping with them.

Anyways, I den unpacked the zboost SOHO YX545, it came with 50’ extension cable which was very thin, one thing I didn’t lied is that it was not up to standard of coax cable. I moved further with the installation process and when to my roof, I was confused there in question of where to install external antenna, I installed it at a random place and came down and attached cable to indoor booster. When I switched it on then I found that there is not huge change in signal strength and I got too frustrated and was thinking to give up. Then I thought check installation once at roof, I changed the place of antenna at roof and came down. This time it show improved signal strength which was great relief for me.

After this I thought that why it didn’t worked at first place and I did small research, I went to that place where I had installed antenna first time and there my cell phone showed almost no signal strength but when I got to second place then my cell phone showed 2 bars signal. By this I got to know that a booster will not make signals itself but it will improve the signal strength. Another thing I came to know is that outdoor antenna should be installed at place where you use to get maximum signal strength.

Still the bad quality cable was hitting my mind again and again and out of frustration I replaced the cable with Standard Coax Cable and then I got the level of signal strength which I was hoping for.


Overall if you are looking to get this booster then it is one of the best in market and all you have to do is proper installation.