2nd Generation Nest – Low Power Consumption

Do you know which particular instrument or device in your home consumes most of electricity and makes the electricity bills unbearable? Yes, you are very right it is your thermostat, a device which controls the temperature of your house. You may ask that why it takes that much power then answer is simple because it needed to be switched on almost all time. You may also that why it do not stops after achieving particular temperature then answer is that we do not live in houses with vacuum, the temperature achieved by thermostat while switched on use to get up or down as soon as it gets off.
This problem made Apples Engineers to develop 2nd Generation NEST, Nest comes with the price tag of $250. NEST

Yes, it is too much for a thermostat but you should know that it is worth of that. Another reason behind buying Nest is that if the demand increases the prices may come down and more people will be able to get it and more power will be saved. Now, coming to point that how it will save power. Engineers added few features in Nest that other thermostat do not have and one of them is that Nest is software based thermostat. Being software based it gets lots of easier to use, it can be updated or downgraded anytime. This software allows it to learn your lifestyle as it records the temperature you like to live in normally, it also records that at what time you use to change the temperature at what rate.

Presence detection facility of Nest makes it different from any other thermostat. Nest senses the presence of human in house and works according to it, this allows it to not to waste power on unnecessary heating or cooling. If you love to live in Smart Home or a home which can be managed by your smartphone then Nest is for you because you can control Nest by your smart phone. Nest application is available for both android & apple devices. Click here for more information and latest news on smart home technology.