Announcement of improved cell phone signal booster from weBoost for the people going on vacations.

Formerly they are known as Wilson Electronics and now weBoost is the name of company which has provided many great cell phone signal products. weBoost in Utah (ST. George) has recently introduced three new cell phone booster products, these boosters are especially for those who do not want to get disconnected from mobile life in their summer vacations.

Two of the three cell phone boosters introduced are Drive 4G-X and RV-4G, these especially made for people who are willing to spend their vacations at exotic and far from home places. Good thing about these boosters is that they work and all kind of networks that includes 4G LTE also and another good thing is that they have more power to boost signal strength then other booster, even the distance with tower get greater the booster keeps working awesomely. One thing we like about these two booster is their installation, all you need is your hands and few minutes of your time to install these great products. For your information, Drive 4G-X has been marked at price of $479.99 and RV-4G has been priced at $399.99. The third cell phone booster product weBoost introduced is known to be as Flat Cable, this product makes cell phone booster installation more easy and helps in providing easier access to outside antenna.Drive-4G-X-

Key Points of all Three Products.

  • Drive 4G-X: This is the device especially made of vehicles and for improving data services and voice calls while traveling from one place to another. With is highly powerful 12V draw, Drive 4G X can boost signals coming from tower which are farther away and this why it is said to be one of greatest signal booster for vehicles. This product helps you to increase the battery life and fast downloads because it has 4,5,13, 17 and 25/2 bands covered for maximum gain of 50db.
  • RV-4G: This is signal booster especially made for RV, this booster boost signals for multiples users. One very good this we liked about this booster is that it comes with facility of multiple power supply options, it can be connected to power via direct AC wall adapter and it can also work on 12V DC cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Flat Cable:If you are one of those person who works on home Improvement projects and you are looking for easy installation of weBoost products then Flat Cable is definitely for you. It makes the weBoosts booster’s installation more simpler and gives easier access to outdoor antenna of booster.