Boost your cell phone signal reception

I am a long term cell phone user and I am not happy at all saying that my cell phone is not working as it was working in the beginning, and the reason is not the cell phone, but the service. The reason is increasing number of cell phone consumers and lack of service towers installed, which leads to high traffic in network and signal reception is not that much fair unless you are near the cell phone service tower. Clearly, grade of service inversely depends on the distance of cell phone from tower. Every person needs to get out of it, so I did too. I searched on internet, read people’s comments and their reviews and was shocked to know that a device called cell phone signal booster has already been developed that boosts the weak signals. This device has awesome capability to serve more than one user if you are using a stationary booster. This kind of mobile booster captures the weak signals through its receiving antenna, boosts the weak signals in its base unit and the signals are sent to the base unit through co-axial cable. The boosted signals are sent to the cell phones in the range of the booster with the help of the transmitting antenna of the booster. It uses the repeating concept too, so sometimes called as cell phone repeater. The fixed boosters are used in homes, offices and buildings where the number of consumers in need of better service is more, whereas the portable one is used in the case when you have to benefit one or more than one users, but the number is very less. Now, new generation boosters have been launched, and these boosters have new capabilities too. A 4G booster is used in the case when you have a 4G enabled cell phone and you wish to use 4G service in it.

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