How to select the perfect booster for you?

I have been using a cell phone since I joined my job 5 years back. And trust me I have never felt like owner of a wireless device. My cell phone has become like a cordless phone that has made me use it only in limits. Whenever I go at places having low cell phone signal reception, the connection is lost and the connection fails, resulting in call drop. This used to frustrate me a lot. Some of my friends asked me to change my cell phone; I did it, but still got my problem unsolved. So I decided to go for some another thing that might help me out. I went for a device commonly known as cell phone signal booster in the market. This device helped me a lot and up to an extent I got rid of my problem. This device boosted the cell phone reception quality of my cell phone and now I could even use my cell phone at those areas that I never expected. These areas are generally called the dead zones, where the reception of signals is very poor. These areas are not out of reach of the signals, but the signals grew very weak in the way while they reach the dead zones. The cause behind this is thick walls, basements and steel furnishings. The solution to this is cell phone repeater. It picks up the weak signals in the range of the dead zones, picks them up, boosts them and retransmits them to the cell phone we want to have the boosted signals. These boosters have a wide range in cost as well as in the services they provide. Special boosters are available for each special service. 4g signal booster is available for cell phones that are 4G enabled. The boosters are also known in the market as mobile booster.

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