Myths about Cell Phone Boosters

Most people have the knowledge of outer working of a booster but don’t know how it really works. And some people who don’t know how it works think that the product is a fake and it won’t work as shown in advertisements or anywhere else. This is a myth that a cell phone signal repeater creates signals on its own. But this is completely false. A booster has just the capability to boost the weak signals but can’t create signals on its own, whereas people hesitate to buy booster because of this myth. Some people even consider that a booster can’t do the work that a big signal tower is unable to do. But they need to be told the actual capability and inner working of the cell phone signal amplifier. This article will explain every myth about the boosters and their working too.

Cell phones are unable to make and receive calls because sometimes their location is in dead zone and dead zone stop them from receiving better signal reception. These weak signals appear on the cell phone screen but are unable to communicate properly with the nearby tower. Cell phone signal booster has great capability to help us in this situation. It captures the nearby signals, which are very weak. It sends the weak signals to its amplifier where these weak signals are boosted to their best possible. Now the internal antenna of the booster sends these boosted signals to all the cell phones it has in its range. And the cell phones become able to make and receive calls from anywhere inside the booster’s range. In most of the cases, the signals are full in the cell phones after amplifying.

Booster companies also keep themselves updated with the technology. As soon as a new technology is launched in the market, correspondingly booster supporting that technology is lasso launched. 3G and 4G boosters were launched too. Now iPhone signal booster was launched recently. This booster is for specially made for iPhone. It boosts the signals for the iPhone only. It is as efficient as its previous versions too.

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