Why Cell Phone Boosters have seen so much demand in past few years?

One thing on which life is too dependent now is cell phone and it is true that without cell phone no one can imagine life at this time. No matter in which part of world you are, everyone is totally dependent on cell phone. Suppose if you have no cell phone for a day then what will you feel? No will want that to happen.
Problem here is that problem of low network coverage is also increasing day by day that may have many reasons but two main reasons are less network towers and huge increment in number of cell phone users. This huge increment in usage of cell phone has been increasing the network congestion too much every second.

Solution in form of cell phone booster, some examples.

Yup it is true that only solution to this problem is in form of cell phone booster and it is perfect one. A cell phone extender or booster is a device which uses to boost the signal coming from network tower. Under telecommunication technology, there is a simple theory of weakening of signal strength with increase in users. In this way, if the number of cell phone users in particular are is increasing at very high pace the problem of network congestion will also increase on same pace. In cases like these, a cell phone booster installed at that place will not allow network congestion according to its range.
In cases like tunnel area or hilly places, there are cell phone extenders specially made for these places. If you are not getting proper signal at in escalator installed in your building then you can get a cell phone booster for escalator too, this will not let you face low signal problem in escalator anytime.
Many times, signals use to disappear on traveling. For these kind of problems, there are cell phone signal booster for car or truck, these boosters easily gets installed in any vehicles and allows passengers to remain connected always.

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