Working of Cell Phone Booster

Everyone is not aware of what they are using i.e. there are many people who use various technologies of science but are unaware of the working of these instruments. Similarly, there are many users of cell phone signal booster, but very few know how a booster really works. The working principle of a simple booster is very simple and efficient. They are very efficient in what they were made for. They were made for boosting the weak signals and are very well versed in doing so. Every user of booster knows this fact, but very few know its inner working.

A cell phone signal amplifier has a very simple working. Every booster works accordingly to its specifications. There are two types of boosters- portable one and the fixed ones. No matter what kind of booster you have, whether it is the booster for home or iPhone signal booster, all have the same principle. The principle is to pick the weak signals in the range of the booster, boost them and retransmit them back to the cell phone.

The booster that supports single cell phone at a time is portable and can be placed behind the battery of the cell phone. It is as small as the size of a SIM card that can’t be viewed by others. This is the main disadvantage that these don’t support more cell phones at a time. For this purpose, fixed cell phone signal repeater was made. This fixed booster has an external antenna that is placed on the top of the house, to capture the signals easily. This external antenna is joined to the base unit kept inside. The external antennae captures the weak signals and send them to the base unit kept inside, where they are boosted using the amplifier. After boosting, the signals are much stronger that efficient use of cell phones can be made. These amplified signals are sent to the cell phones in the range of the booster using the internal antenna that is connected to the base unit and is kept inside too. This invention of science has helped us a lot.

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