Cell Phone Radiation Guide Rates Your Phone

It’s the same better in order to not let children use mobile. They called from one cell phone to the opposite and left both phones on talking mode. You can keep gadget in your purse or bag.
There is at present a debate over fight of mobile device radiation. Some are regarding the side that this could cause long term health issues with heavy mobile usage. Others say that the radiation in a cell phone is not more than issues that currently in atmosphere like radio waves.

I won’t give you with a lesson. I’m going to just point out that mobile phones emit energy in waves (electromagnetic radiation or EMR) that penetrates the human head and the body. And exactly what is the big using this? Television, computers, coffee blenders, hair dryers, and even the vacuum cleaners, they all emit electro magnetic radiation. In order provide mobile phones in the USA the manufacturer has to get an approval from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). To have that approval ought to be be SAR (specific absorption rate) tests done. Some other words, producer should prove that rays emitted by his phones are whilst FCC standards of acceptable radiation absorbed by a cell phone user’s brain and complete body.

Different studies have been done that link this radiation to brain tumors, cancer, and other health circumstances. In fact, in one study done with mice, the incidence of cancer and tumors was higher as soon as the mice were exposed to electromagnetic radiation than once they were less than. Many other studies have been done, additionally they all reveal the news that cell antenna causes cancer because problems along with bodies. History thing to be aware is soon after you include the phone to any ear, the electromagnetic radiation can are the middle of mind. This puts your brain at risk! This is why there are usually numerous brain tumors are generally present quietly of head that gets exposed. With regard to scary media news release.

You, perhaps advocate, are produced in charge of the care, whatever the they you will need to tell we. Of course, you want pertaining to being prudent, but they do get more medical training than you may. However; never, never doubt your intuition when something seems wrong. Endeavor to get a rational account. If that doesn’t satisfy your doubts, get another opinion until an individual satisfied. I’m not trying to scare you as up to empower your family. Get to know your body and what health can evoke versus health issue. It can save your lifespan.

Weighing in at a paltry 56 grams, in order to accommodate smaller hands, the blue and Pink Firefly measures 1.75 x 3.46 x .79, weighs 2.12 ounces, offers close to 2.5 hours of talk time, and ascend to 100 hours of standby; a bare bones 850/1900 MHz GSM wireless phone that permits parents to limit outgoing calls to certain numbers plus sports ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ buttons for quick dialing.

Most belonging to the major telephone number companies also issue a reminder about EMF in their user manuals, which along with all their cell mobile phones. The warning usually says to keep the phone a minimum of three-quarters inch away from body every time because on the EMF radiation.

11. Stress – Stress does cause hair lessening. It also cause gray hair. The precise reasons are unknown, but it also seams that stress effects physiological process in you have to and will even be a trigger using a pattern baldness to appear early, or to accelerate surprisingly.

So that’s that. A couple of actual disadvantages and benefits of cell phones and kids you might want to carefully think about the above information and likening. Hopefully your choice process could be aided greatly because within the pro and con info presented in this case.

3g voice

Is solar technology ripe enough to start investing in solar energy ?

This is a topic I have been very interested in for a long time and I believe we are at a point in the solar energy evolution that augmentation of solar energy into our conventional energy is already happening. Solar panel costs have fallen by 60% in the past 3 years and the cost of other solar system equipment have fallen by 50%. The southern states that get a ton on sunlight have made the switch already that the utility companies are not incetivicing the home owner for putting back solar energy back on the grid. The utility companies have never faced with a situation like this never before. The tables have turned and we the consumers are now in a position to sell energy back to the utility company. The utility companies are now charging a fee for us to use their infrastructure. The southern states if connected to the rest of the country can provide the energy demand we have in a clean sustainable way. The area of land required for installing solar panels is very minimal, with less then 1% land use, we can power the entire nation. Even better the panels can be mounted on the roof with easy installation techniques that have been invented after the surge of solar systems.

Solar is the easiest to acquire and the cleanest form of energy that starts producing energy the day it gets installed. The solar industry is consistently adding new jobs, 1 out of  78 new jobs created today are from the solar industry.

Solar ROI

It costs anywhere between 9 to 15 cents/Kwatt of power for the consumer to consume power from the utility company depending on where you live. The average cost to produce energy from solar costs around 8 cents/Kwatt.  On average it used to be 10 years to get your money back from solar installation and that time period is now 7 years. This number will become more and more favorable as the cost of solar panels, microinverter, and installation hardware comes down. These factors have always existed the reasons to not go solar were pretty loaded then the reasons to go solar. I think the tides have turned in favor of going solar as the cost / KW of energy made is less then what you would pay the utility company.

Cell phones can be cause of Brain Tumour but cell phone signal booster can prevent it.

Yes, it is true that usage of cell phones can cause Brain Tumour. Many studies all over the world have shown that extensive usage of cell phones can cause very harmful effects on human minds and reason is that it emits some radioactive waves which harms brain.

Although, many countries have taken many steps to minimize this danger but still it largely depends on usage and other situations like signal strength. Even the cell phone usage can be minimized or can be controlled but what in case of low signal strength?


When you are using a smart phone in area where the signal strength is too low then your cell phone will emit more radioactive waves to search more signals. These wave makes their entry to human brain and causes harm. Although this theory is not a theory accepted on record by officials but it has been believed worldwide.

To reduce the low signal problem to reduce the radioactive waves coming out of cell phone, you can install a cell phone signal booster. It will boost low signal strength to highest band possible and your cell phone will not emit any radioactive waves to search signals.

Announcement of improved cell phone signal booster from weBoost for the people going on vacations.

Formerly they are known as Wilson Electronics and now weBoost is the name of company which has provided many great cell phone signal products. weBoost in Utah (ST. George) has recently introduced three new cell phone booster products, these boosters are especially for those who do not want to get disconnected from mobile life in their summer vacations.

Two of the three cell phone boosters introduced are Drive 4G-X and RV-4G, these especially made for people who are willing to spend their vacations at exotic and far from home places. Good thing about these boosters is that they work and all kind of networks that includes 4G LTE also and another good thing is that they have more power to boost signal strength then other booster, even the distance with tower get greater the booster keeps working awesomely. One thing we like about these two booster is their installation, all you need is your hands and few minutes of your time to install these great products. For your information, Drive 4G-X has been marked at price of $479.99 and RV-4G has been priced at $399.99. The third cell phone booster product weBoost introduced is known to be as Flat Cable, this product makes cell phone booster installation more easy and helps in providing easier access to outside antenna.Drive-4G-X-

Key Points of all Three Products.

  • Drive 4G-X: This is the device especially made of vehicles and for improving data services and voice calls while traveling from one place to another. With is highly powerful 12V draw, Drive 4G X can boost signals coming from tower which are farther away and this why it is said to be one of greatest signal booster for vehicles. This product helps you to increase the battery life and fast downloads because it has 4,5,13, 17 and 25/2 bands covered for maximum gain of 50db.
  • RV-4G: This is signal booster especially made for RV, this booster boost signals for multiples users. One very good this we liked about this booster is that it comes with facility of multiple power supply options, it can be connected to power via direct AC wall adapter and it can also work on 12V DC cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Flat Cable:If you are one of those person who works on home Improvement projects and you are looking for easy installation of weBoost products then Flat Cable is definitely for you. It makes the weBoosts booster’s installation more simpler and gives easier access to outdoor antenna of booster.


Guide for Cell Phone Signal Booster Buyers.

As far as communication technology is considered then it all depends on signals which are getting transmitted from one end to other. Question arises is that if these signal get week or lose their strength while traveling then how much communication via devices like cell phones can be possible. Fact is that we are facing low signal problem in daily life and this problem has demanded urgent action. Due to all this a device called cell phone signal booster was introduced first by weboost, this device is made to boost the low signal strength to highest level possible.
Most of these boosters use to have three basic elements which are Outdoor Antenna, Indoor Antenna and Boosting Unit. There are some models like Weboost Cradle booster which has only two unit, in such devices the indoor antenna and boosting unit has been combined as one unit, it is seen that such devices attracts less customers then normal cell phone boosters.
cell phone booster



What is capability of a cell phone booster?
There are lots of questions on working and success rate of cell phone booster, my favorite question is what a capability of a cell phone booster is. In regards with frequency and range, every cell phone booster has it’s own frequency to work on and area to serve. But one thing which is common in every signal booster is that it boost low signal strength, it do not make signal of its own. Yes, cell phone signal booster cannot give birth to new signals and can boost the signal strength. So, if there is minimum signal strength available then only cell phone booster can work.

What is the Coverage Area?

Coverage area of cell phone booster is the area which it will cover with the boosted signals. It is obvious that higher end models do cover more area but for customers it is necessary to choose booster according to their need. In general case, where there is no hard obstacles for signal to travel throughout area, in that case customer can depend on the area range written on box of cell phone booster. But if the area which is needed to covered has lot of obstacles then it is advised to go for one level up booster, customer can always contact support at cell phone booster store for help.

Inspection of Signal Strength
While installing outdoor antenna, it is very necessary to signal strength inspection and this should be done carefully. First of all it has to be noted that what the maximum strength of the signal is outside or on the roof of building, mark that place. This should be the place where outdoor antenna has to be installed, if the signal strength is quite good at that place then customer can go with the booster which has frequency referred to his demand. But in case where the signal strength is quite low even outside building then customer should go for higher end model.
Customer can inspect the signal strength with any cell phone. Costumer has to take his cell phone to every place on roof where an outdoor antenna can be installed and look on the signal bars on cell phone screen. The place where cell phone signal maximum bars should be the place where outdoor antenna should be installed.

outdorr antennaWhich Outdoor Antenna to Choose?

Famously there are only two types of outdoor antenna available which are very successful. First is Yagi Antennas and second is Omni- Directional Antennas.
If customer wants to boost the signal coming from multiple service providers and wants to spread it in multiple directions the he should go for Omni-Directional Antenna. This has to be noted here that Omni-Directional works perfectly under good signal coverage. If the place where outdoor antenna has to installed receives good signal strength then only Omni-Directional Antenna will work perfectly there.
But in case where the signal tower is too far and there is no need of boosting signals of multiple providers then in that case Yagi Antenna is the best option. Please note that Yagi antenna works in single direction and works for signals from only one provider at a time.

All about Amplifier Power
The unit by which signal power use to be calculated is dBs and it is called decibels. Decibel is an logarithmic unit to calculate the power of signal strength. It is believed that if the booster increases signal strength to 3dBs then it is actually boost the strength to almost double. For customers who are getting very low signal strength around their place, it is advised to get higher end models to proper signal strength.

Typical-Building-Amplifier-SystemKind of Inside Antennas
Dome and panel antennas are two kinds of antennas to choose from as inside antenna. Both of these antennas are good for separate proposes and both works in different manners.
If the area to be covered is multi floor building or rectangle spaces or long building then Panel Antennas are best option. These antennas has to be mounted on upside down direction so that it can broadcast down throughout multiple floors, for more installation help on panel antennas go to online cell phone booster store.
In other case where is area needed to be covered is single floor or hall then the best indoor antenna is Dome Antenna. It has to installed on the ceiling facing downwards so that it can cover all needed area equally.

Cable Role
All three units if cell phone signal booster gets attached to each other via cable and customer should select cable carefully and should use it low as it can be. It is belied that Ultra Low Loss LMR 400 cables is the best cable but this cable also loses 2dB signal strength if the length extends 50ft. Some customers use to install cell phone booster with standard RG6 Coax Cable which is similar to cable television which should be avoided because this cable can make you lose 5db strength at 50ft. So, it is advised to customers to use less cable.

What is Cell Phone Signal Booster for home or office?

Nowadays everybody is facing problems of bad signals. Signal booster is a device which boosts your phone signals thru antenna. Signal booster receives low signals and convert them to high signals for your uninterrupted calling.

How to improve your signals as well as your rate of response thru different types of signal booster?
Individual:- It looks like a normal mobile holder but whenever you need the boost it works for you like (Wilson Sleek).
Vehicle:- Some vehicle have complicated constructions i.e Ambulance, SUVs, Big Trucks,Rigs etc. So, we have vehicle signal boosters which were placed on the roof of your vehicle for your hassle free network.
Rooms-Home-Offices & Dorms:- Sometimes everybody faces problem that in only one room the signals don’t work properly. So, we have that kind of boosters like (Wi-Ex zBoost Metro) which only you have to place near window and your problem is resolved.
Entire Home & Small Offices:- If you are facing problem in your entire home or office then go for (DB PRO Omni kit) for up-to 2500 sq ft & (DB PRO Yagi kit) for up-to 5000 sq ft.
Large Buildings:- For larger buildings we have stronger cell phone signal amplifiers, boosters, & kits available for you yet we always recommend to contact our cell phone booster store experts.

What are the situations when your signal booster doesn’t work?
1. If you are situated in that area where you barely get two bars then this booster doesn’t work this will result call conjunction or call drop.
2. If you have opted 3G service and you want to boost 4G signals that also doesn’t work,

Change in name and increase in quality of boosters – Wilson Electronics becomes weBoost

Wilson Electronics ruled cell phone booster market over many years, fact is that they were the first to make a cell phone booster. It can be said that Wilson Electronics have did everything to solve the low signal problem for cell phone users and they have got success to highest point. Now, exactly after one day Wilson Electronics will be called as weBoost. Yes, company is about to change its identity and is taking a greatest step of all time. Wilson Electronics have made it clear that only name is changing and there will be no change in quality of cell phone signal boosters.
This is to be noted here that Wilson Electronics has major share of cell phone booster market and they provide cell phone signal amplifiers for almost every place. From small home to big bunglows, small hall to full multi story buildings, from small vehicles to large trucks and ships. Wilson Electronics are known for their quality.
Cell phone booster market
has shown huge growth in recent years and it is been expected that it will grow more and more in coming years. Reason is that mobile consumers are growing at very high pace and which is causing more signal problem.

2nd Generation Nest – Low Power Consumption

Do you know which particular instrument or device in your home consumes most of electricity and makes the electricity bills unbearable? Yes, you are very right it is your thermostat, a device which controls the temperature of your house. You may ask that why it takes that much power then answer is simple because it needed to be switched on almost all time. You may also that why it do not stops after achieving particular temperature then answer is that we do not live in houses with vacuum, the temperature achieved by thermostat while switched on use to get up or down as soon as it gets off.
This problem made Apples Engineers to develop 2nd Generation NEST, Nest comes with the price tag of $250. NEST

Yes, it is too much for a thermostat but you should know that it is worth of that. Another reason behind buying Nest is that if the demand increases the prices may come down and more people will be able to get it and more power will be saved. Now, coming to point that how it will save power. Engineers added few features in Nest that other thermostat do not have and one of them is that Nest is software based thermostat. Being software based it gets lots of easier to use, it can be updated or downgraded anytime. This software allows it to learn your lifestyle as it records the temperature you like to live in normally, it also records that at what time you use to change the temperature at what rate.

Presence detection facility of Nest makes it different from any other thermostat. Nest senses the presence of human in house and works according to it, this allows it to not to waste power on unnecessary heating or cooling. If you love to live in Smart Home or a home which can be managed by your smartphone then Nest is for you because you can control Nest by your smart phone. Nest application is available for both android & apple devices. Click here for more information and latest news on smart home technology.

Low Signal Coverage while Traveling – Get a Cell Phone Booster

One of the common issues with traveling or just going from work to home, or the other way around, is that the undeniable fact that you would possibly not be in vary of a cell tower for cell phone user. while not the use of a automobile cell phone booster, your phone may “wander” forever attempting to seek out a signal, and this is often very true if you travel through back-round or rural areas to urge from purpose to purpose. also referred to as a cell electronic equipment, a automobile telephone booster could be a device that mounts to your Associate in Nursing and generally attaches to your phone via an adapter of some type.
When you have installed an automobile mobile phone booster, you are primarily putting in a miniature telephone tower. Indeed, cell amplifiers and boosters primarily add identical means that your telephone provider’s network towers function. The electronic equipment communicates with near towers and identifies the most effective one for your phone.
The primary advantage of using a automobile cell phone signal booster in your automobile is that your cell phone enjoys Associate in Nursing inflated vary. depending on its create and explicit functionality, a automobile telephone booster will connect with a mobile phone service provider’s tower and extend its signal many hundred to many thousand sq. feet.
Because cell amplifiers will strengthen the signal between the cell phone tower and your portable, you virtually ne’er need to worry regarding being while not a symbol. This primarily interprets into less born.

You have Mobile Home? Here is how to boost cell phone signal in a mobile home.

If you are living in Mobile Home most of the time then one major problem you must be facing all the time could be low signal problem. This problem can occur due to many reasons like construction material used in making mobile homes or distance of mobile home from tower. To solve this problem, consumer can install cell phone signal booster in their mobile home. We will explore the reasons of low signal strength in depth and two main reasons are material used in construction of mobile home and the distance between tower and mobile home.


How distance from closest towers effect signal strength –

It has been seen that mobile homes use to locate typically in village areas where the number of signal towers us to be very low. Due to this the distance between signal tower and mobile home use to be very large. This huge distance causes signal to get weaker as it reaches the mobile home, moreover if it is a mountain or hilly area then the problem gets worst because in that case signal have to go through hills or mountains which lowers its strength. It is seen that such mobile homes to receive almost only one bar signal strength.

How does material of mobile of home effects signal strength-

This is to be noted that older mobile homes use to be covered by heavy metal sheets to give strong support to mobile home but that is not a problem now. Problem now is that new mobile homes use to be made keeping many other important things in mine like new forms of insulation, tinting windows or energy saving materials. Although these all things are very good for a mobile home but these things causes difficulty for signal to penetrate throughout mobile home.

What cell phone signal boosters do?

A cell phone booster is a device which can be installed at any place where the minimum one bar of signal strength is available. Cell phone signal booster can improve the strength of cell phone signal in no time and all you need to keep in mind is that there should be at least some signal strength to boost. A cell phone signal booster can make signal so strong that it can pass through any kind of wall or it can cover maximum distance. By a normal cell phone signal amplifier you can boost voice call signal but for 3G Data you can buy certain type of boosters which are especially made for 3G Data boosting.

A simple online research can make your mind to a certain model of cell phone booster, you should keep your need in mind and should buy only the product which suits you best.

As far as installation is concerned then I can literally say that installation of cell phone booster for home, office of mobile home can be easily done in 20-25 minutes. Each and every cell phone booster comes with installation guide which helps throughout installation process. Things like installing Yagi Antenna or installing indoor unit should be done carefully because these things will not work properly if they are not installed according to the guide.