Cell phone signal boosters and repeaters

Several studies and many researchers have shown the direct link of the cell phone
usage and diseases in human body. All of us know that cell phone signal strength is
weak in rural areas and it is strong in cities because of the presence of cell phone
towers in the cities. Recent studies have shown that the cell phone users of rural
places are three times more likely to suffer from brain tumor then the urban cell phone
users because of advancement of technology and availability of cell phone signal
in cities. Technology is not present in the rural areas and that’s why people
of rural areas suffer from a lot of diseases related to cell phone usage ex cancer, brain
tumor etc. In cities boosters are present to boost the signals people have installed cell
phone repeaters
at their homes and cell phone boosters at there respective office.
Businesspersons’ are the people who generally install these devices at there homes and
office so that they should remain connected with their clients and they should not miss
any deal. These devices are generally installed inside shopping malls, hospitals, offices,
colleges, schools and other buildings where communication link is very important.