Change in name and increase in quality of boosters – Wilson Electronics becomes weBoost

Wilson Electronics ruled cell phone booster market over many years, fact is that they were the first to make a cell phone booster. It can be said that Wilson Electronics have did everything to solve the low signal problem for cell phone users and they have got success to highest point. Now, exactly after one day Wilson Electronics will be called as weBoost. Yes, company is about to change its identity and is taking a greatest step of all time. Wilson Electronics have made it clear that only name is changing and there will be no change in quality of cell phone signal boosters.
This is to be noted here that Wilson Electronics has major share of cell phone booster market and they provide cell phone signal amplifiers for almost every place. From small home to big bunglows, small hall to full multi story buildings, from small vehicles to large trucks and ships. Wilson Electronics are known for their quality.
Cell phone booster market
has shown huge growth in recent years and it is been expected that it will grow more and more in coming years. Reason is that mobile consumers are growing at very high pace and which is causing more signal problem.