Methods to alleviate Cell phone Harmful Radiations

The topic on how the cell phone signals are harmful to humans has become an issue which turned out to be sensitive. Research has evidently proved the inconclusive line and say that  radiations from cell phones  can cause harmful radiations adversely.

For a long time the RF radiations have been around humans since we initiated the radio waves in the 1940’s. We use microwaves to cook daily and heat our foods which has same frequency as ionizing atoms and heat organic food. The signal from cell phones has excited and altered the DNA sequence. But we cannot quit using the cellphones for these reasons and miss out the exciting new technologies emerging everyday. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) has to be provided by the manufacturers to list the specific cell phones based on the amount of  radiations.

Harmful Effects of Cell phone radiations
Harmful Effects of Cell phone radiations


The cell phone towers are built within the phones and has an inverse relation to its distance. This proves that moving your cell phone away from your ear diminishes the risks of exposure to the harmful radiations. When you work the hardest on your phone it puts on more radiations. When you make a call or receive a call it connects to the nearest cell tower and establish an connection. If you have poor reception then the cell phone has to work hard and gain the signal as a result emits more radiations. When you have a good reception it is not that hard work to gain the signal and as a result causes optimum working temperature and less radiation.

A signal booster does everything to keep the signal strong in your locality as well as prevent the phones from overheating and overworking. The good news is that the radiation effects gets reduced when you have the source of radiation away from your body and brain. The amplifier  is sufficient enough to distance you away.


Cell phone booster, signal amplifier

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Let me tell you some of the basic advantages that you have after installing a booster. And there advantages over pre existing devices which were brought in use for increasing the signal reception quality of cell phones. The amplification of a cell phone signal booster’s signal is less than that of repeaters. Booster transmission power has nothing to do with the attenuation between the internal and external antennas of the device. It doesn’t even oscillate much, thus avoiding RF noise too. Cell phone boosters are used with any cell phone or any other device to have a clear signal reception. The radiations continuously emitted from cell phones are quite enough to force us into dangerous diseases like brain cancer. But the use of cell phone repeater also avoids this danger. This happens because, the booster supplies you with the best signal and cell phone thus stops sending radiations for searching better signal as you have the best. Boosters make the weak signals into stronger signals after amplifying them. This makes the call reception clearer and good. This avoids the risk posted to our life by weak signals. Boosters contain amplifier in them. If you are travelling in a car, then the RF signal is not constant everywhere, so the booster keeps the RF signal constant. Booster thus helps here too. There are basically two kind of booster in terms of power consuming, one which is internal can have 500mW power whereas the external one has up to 1000mW power.

Cell phone signal boosters and repeaters

Several studies and many researchers have shown the direct link of the cell phone
usage and diseases in human body. All of us know that cell phone signal strength is
weak in rural areas and it is strong in cities because of the presence of cell phone
towers in the cities. Recent studies have shown that the cell phone users of rural
places are three times more likely to suffer from brain tumor then the urban cell phone
users because of advancement of technology and availability of cell phone signal
in cities. Technology is not present in the rural areas and that’s why people
of rural areas suffer from a lot of diseases related to cell phone usage ex cancer, brain
tumor etc. In cities boosters are present to boost the signals people have installed cell
phone repeaters
at their homes and cell phone boosters at there respective office.
Businesspersons’ are the people who generally install these devices at there homes and
office so that they should remain connected with their clients and they should not miss
any deal. These devices are generally installed inside shopping malls, hospitals, offices,
colleges, schools and other buildings where communication link is very important.

Function of cell phone repeater

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This article is going to give you some basic information about cell phone signal boosters. New devices keep on introduced in the market and the latest product becoming popular which is a successor in the series of boosters and is named Wi-Fi signal booster as it is strictly for offices and home where people spent a large amount of money on installing Wi-Fi service and are not happy by its service. This device completely overshadows the problem of low speed and connection breakage in the middle of data transaction or transfer. And this device is in the same price range of previous booster products and is as efficient as them also. In fact it is advanced to them and has larger coverage or range also. As we know cell phone signal amplifiers are of many types, some for homes, some for offices, and some for travelling and many other new products also. A basic booster for fixed places like homes has two basic parts- antenna and base unit. Antenna of the cell phone repeater is to be place don the top of your apartment and ahs to be connected with the base unit via a co-axial wire and the base unit is kept inside the apartment. As soon as the booster is switched on, it starts functioning efficiently.

Requirement of cell phone signal booster

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The main work of cell phone signal booster is to just receive the poor signals and retransmit them with better coverage to the destination point. As we know that because of excess development and growing of no. of cell phone producer companies, the rates of cell phones have fallen and so the connections. But still the number of towers is still the same as before. So the path for signals becomes too much crowded and causes mind boggling problems like dropping of calls with low signals. Cell phone signal amplifier is helpful here. They completely solve our problem and increase the signal strength up to 500%.



The requirement of cell phone reception boosters only arises where the walls of buildings are too thick or in basements. Even while travelling their need is felt.
iBooster are also used in cars and are connected between our cell phone and antenna with ease. Then cell phone repeater starts boosting the signals. A booster placed can cover an area up to 2500 square feet. It also enhances the applications using wireless functions like text messaging etc. these work effectively with PCS phones in range of 1900 MHz.

Cell Phone Signal Booster and iBooster

Are you in the market for a cell phone signal booster for your home, office, or car and you don’t have proper information about these devices, then you are at right place as we give you information about using and installing these boosters.

Popularity of these cellular signal boosters is increasing continuously with the explosion in the cell phone market. Cell phones have so many uses but the come with disadvantages like lack of network coverage. Ten to fifteen years before cell phone used be very expensive and no body had cell phone but now with explosion in this market they are becoming cheaper and everybody has their own cell phone.

Places where signal strength is zero are called dead zones and cell phones don’t work at dead zones. The main reason for invention of cellular boosters was to eliminate dead zones.

These devices are very small in size and they capture the low strength signals, boost them and retransmit the stronger signals to low signal strength area. Cell phone booster antenna is very portable and can be used at all places whether it is home, building, basement, lift or office. These devices are very portable and handy. Cell phone amplifier boost the signals blocked by concrete walls and there are special type of boosters which can also work in cars and trucks.


The cell phones are the most essential device these days. But the fact is that the cell phones emit harmful radiations which can affect the human body especially the brain. What happens is that when there are weak signals, the cell phone uses more power output from the battery which in turn emits more harmful high frequency signals which can affect the brain and can lead to brain cancer and many other problems. Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) has said that “Specific Absorption Rate” is the only way to measure the quantity of radio frequency energy which gets absorbed by human body. And over this range the radio frequency is dangerous to human body mainly the brain. But at last a new technology has been invented which can remove the tension of brain cancer at all. This device is none other than the cell phone signal repeater or cell phone signal booster. The signal repeater amplifies or regenerates the poor signals. The installation of cell phone repeater is very simple and quick. After you install the device at your home, office, car or anywhere you want the problem of weak signals will be totally eliminated. This cell phone booster makes the signals up to 5 times more the signal frequency. This is how the cell phone signal repeater works and removes the fear of brain cancer. For iPhones, a specific booster is available that is iBooster. iBooster works as any other cell phone booster works but it is made only for iPhones, we have iBooster for lowest price.