Why The Device called Cell Phone Signal Amplifier is in so much Demand?

Few years back when the generation of mobile life started, using was very big deal. Reasons were many like cell phone used to be too expensive that time or the registration uses to be very hard. But now in 2013, time have changed it all. Cell phones are cheaper than any limit of your thinking and the registration gets done in quick time with no problems. In this time period few thing have grown very rapidly like cell phone technology or cell phone data transfer speed and so is the number of cell phone users in country.
Problem before was that cell phones were out of reach and problem now is that every second person have great cell phone which is causing network problem. Yeah, service providers may have tried their level best to avoid the network congestions but that haven’t worked out in the way it was supposed to. Now, because of so many number of users the signal strength of areas distant from cell phone tower use to be very low, this happens because signal strength use to get week while traveling long distance and by getting distributed to many users in between.
This is the reason why we use to get low signal strength at our offices and homes and many of our important calls get missed or disconnected. And this is reason behind more and more people are opting cell phone signal amplifiers to get full five bar signal strength.
A cell phone signal amplifier is a device which consists of an external antenna to catch the low signal coming from cell phone tower and boost it to higher level of strength. The results of these cell phone signal repeater is so good that the sales of these devices have seen unexpected sudden growth in recent time.
So get a cell phone signal booster for your home or office and be connected always.