What is Cell Phone Signal Booster for home or office?

Nowadays everybody is facing problems of bad signals. Signal booster is a device which boosts your phone signals thru antenna. Signal booster receives low signals and convert them to high signals for your uninterrupted calling.

How to improve your signals as well as your rate of response thru different types of signal booster?
Individual:- It looks like a normal mobile holder but whenever you need the boost it works for you like (Wilson Sleek).
Vehicle:- Some vehicle have complicated constructions i.e Ambulance, SUVs, Big Trucks,Rigs etc. So, we have vehicle signal boosters which were placed on the roof of your vehicle for your hassle free network.
Rooms-Home-Offices & Dorms:- Sometimes everybody faces problem that in only one room the signals don’t work properly. So, we have that kind of boosters like (Wi-Ex zBoost Metro) which only you have to place near window and your problem is resolved.
Entire Home & Small Offices:- If you are facing problem in your entire home or office then go for (DB PRO Omni kit) for up-to 2500 sq ft & (DB PRO Yagi kit) for up-to 5000 sq ft.
Large Buildings:- For larger buildings we have stronger cell phone signal amplifiers, boosters, & kits available for you yet we always recommend to contact our cell phone booster store experts.

What are the situations when your signal booster doesn’t work?
1. If you are situated in that area where you barely get two bars then this booster doesn’t work this will result call conjunction or call drop.
2. If you have opted 3G service and you want to boost 4G signals that also doesn’t work,