What have Cell Phone Signal Booster Technology Changed in recent time?

Cell Phone signal boosters are present in the market since very long, there are many questions which arose about its use and installation and what are their effects. Removing each and every trouble of these cell phone problems had been very difficult in the past, but cell phone amplifiers have proved to be the only solution of removing low signal problem. Cell phone signal amplifier technology was introduced some few years back at the first time but it got improvise at very high pace, due to many reasons some of them are discusses down here.

FCC strict rules.

When for the first time cell phone signal booster for home or office was first launched in the market, it was for a trial version. But mass production had given its success resulted in cell phone signal amplifiers for home or offices or it may be for cars while travelling as well. Now days, we can get cell phone signal repeaters for lifts, cars, trucks or tunnels too. There is best cell phone signal booster which is available in market according to the ranges of the area to be covered for each and every place where cell phone signal gets worse.

Due to such huge demand of cell phone signal repeaters FCC involved itself to find out its advantages and disadvantages of this technology. Some PILs were also given by different people claiming that the use of booster can cause diseases and it should be banned. After a research on the booster, FCC laid down some rules for the manufacturing of any kind of cell phone boosters. This has improved the importance and quality of cell phone boosters. FCC declared that those companies which follow its rules and regulations will only manufacture cell phone booster. These strict actions from FCC have taken booster technology to improved level.

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