Cell phone booster, signal amplifier

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Let me tell you some of the basic advantages that you have after installing a booster. And there advantages over pre existing devices which were brought in use for increasing the signal reception quality of cell phones. The amplification of a cell phone signal booster’s signal is less than that of repeaters. Booster transmission power has nothing to do with the attenuation between the internal and external antennas of the device. It doesn’t even oscillate much, thus avoiding RF noise too. Cell phone boosters are used with any cell phone or any other device to have a clear signal reception. The radiations continuously emitted from cell phones are quite enough to force us into dangerous diseases like brain cancer. But the use of cell phone repeater also avoids this danger. This happens because, the booster supplies you with the best signal and cell phone thus stops sending radiations for searching better signal as you have the best. Boosters make the weak signals into stronger signals after amplifying them. This makes the call reception clearer and good. This avoids the risk posted to our life by weak signals. Boosters contain amplifier in them. If you are travelling in a car, then the RF signal is not constant everywhere, so the booster keeps the RF signal constant. Booster thus helps here too. There are basically two kind of booster in terms of power consuming, one which is internal can have 500mW power whereas the external one has up to 1000mW power.

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