Why is corona virus going to make the 5g deployment that much more delayed


5G roll out will be delayed Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the US the 5G deployment has been plague bye other unintended problems. now with this new Evolution off the Coronavirus the 5G deployment he’s going to get delayed further.  surecall has been making some really advanced projects in preparation for the 5G deployment however but this new development in the Coronavirus side of things it is going to get farther delayed this delay in 5G deployment is going to affect all walks of  life in the 5G realm of things.


Further down the line if I get deployment can you get further delayed however it can’t get any more delayed then what we have right now For 5G to work you need 5G radio on a 5G Network and there’s not a whole lot of 5G Network that is being installed at present however Verizon and AT&T are racing to the top to get this 5G deployed in all cities if you remember the recent news about Huawei Network in from China has been getting a lot of attention And the attention is very much for a very good reason if you look at how the 4G add an impact on the economy in the United States the Chinese government learned a lesson  that would help them be though wall superpower by dominating the 5G Network Network essentially is conduit for delivering rapid growth in technology at a fast pace to where it needs to go it’s consumers. 4 G was in Inception 4 what the limits of Technology can beat but 5G is a marriage between that technology of communication and software integration all in one package.


5G is is a technology that can deliver an immense growth at a very short period Of time.If you look at the Inception of Porgy the top companies in the world where energy companies but after the deployment of iphone and the accompanying technology after that you could see that whoever dominates the next 5G Market  dominate the world market Now with the new coronavirus going around at a rapid Pace all around the world this 5G technology is going to get delayed in deployment and that is spooking the market like none other.we could do a lot of things in a small amount of time with 5G essentially 5 G is where you do not have to even have a phone do do business like we do today for instance if you want to call an Uber taxi you could call an Uber taxi just by standing at the corner of your street and the 5G technology would enable the cameras at the corner of your street to be able to recognize you by facial recognition and initiate a call on a Uber taxi just based on who you are and once the Uber taxi gets to your pickup point official recognition in the taxi can identify it is you who called for a taxi and let you get in the taxi and take you to your destination this is just one instance of how this 5G technology can impact your everyday life basically 5G technology will let you eliminate this device that we call phone to be thrown out all you need is your self riches how much convenient way of doing business and a more efficient way of doing things that you do everyday now


This image shows how very sensitive the 5G signals are you and with the building or a tree or any intermittent object in between you and the cell phone tower 5G network works the best when you are directly in the line of sight of the network if you are even a slightly deviated from its line of sight turn your signal service is going to be pretty bad



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